Tips to keep beaded jewelry clean and shining?

Yes, it is possible to retain the ‘showroom-glamour’ of beaded jewelry. All you need to do is take a little care of it. Here are some of the best possible ways to keep your beaded jewelry clean and shining. Visit https://www/ to get lost in the vast collection of beaded jewelry there,

Jewelries are part of every woman’s life and are quite precious to all of you. But with paucity of time, jewelry texture and color starts fading out. How about taking good care of it and help keep its ‘showroom glamour’ for quite a while? Know not how to do it?

Let us look into few of the basic tips on how to keep your beaded jewelry clean and glossy:

Glass or Crystal Beaded Jewelry

One must never use ultrasonic cleaning agent for gemstone jewelry, nonetheless it would harm the stone’s polish. The same procedure applies for glass bead jewelry. Do not dip any kind of glass bead jewelry to ultrasonic cleaner, lest it might harm the polish. Try using a damp cloth to clean it or might even opt for a dish soap if need be, but ensure the soap is mild not to harm the jewelry.

Silver Beads

Sterling jewelry if not worn on a regular basis might tarnish; a natural process that occurs when silver gets exposed the sulfides present in the air. If you prefer the glossy finish of the silver, there are ways as to how to ward off the tarnish.

All you have to do is border a bowl of Pyrex with an aluminum foil and put the jewelry in it, thereafter pouring in some boiling water and add heaps of baking soda on it. Stir well with a wooden or plastic spoon allowing sufficient contact with the aluminum foil and leave it for aside for a minimum of two minutes. Remove it carefully as it will be quite hot, rinse good and pat it dry.

The best way to ward off tarnish is to keep your jewelry inside of an air-tight container with a strip of anti-tarnish.

Wood Beads or Bone Beads

Prefer using a soft cotton cloth to clean wood or bone beads. Take care of the moisture considering the porous that beads are.


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