How should a party jewelry be chosen?

Parties are mere excuses to flaunt the most treasured jewelries in your closest followed with the designer ensembles that lies untouched at the topmost shelves of your wardrobe. However, its no more the age to glisten and glitter alike Christmas trees. Subtlety is the new mantra and is it applies to party jewelry as well.

Here are few more criteria that need to considered while choosing party jewelries:


Think about the shape of your face before hitting on to the earring section. What shape does your face carry: is it round, long, heart-shaped or something else. In case of oval shaped faces, try choosing sleek long earrings, to create a perfect proportion. In case of round faced girls, go for hoops or studs to emphasize the beauty of roundness. Sport chandeliers only when you have a long face, and triangular shaped earrings when you have a heart-shaped face and so on.


Besides matching the neckpiece with the color of your party outfit, you must always take notice of the neckline. If you have decided to don a gown with a plunging neckline, then prefer something sleek and long with an enchanting charm bracelets online hanging from it. In case of a choker neckline, wear something heavy to make it a centre piece of attraction. Black, copper, off white and pastel tinged neckpieces go along really well with all sorts of colored dress.

Few tips to remember while choosing party jewelry

  • Do not overdo your jewelry anything. You will end looking disastrous. If you are wearing a heavy earpiece, try keeping the remaining jewelry minimal. You can even choose not to wear any other jewelry if you are wearing something heavy and loud on your neck or ear, or even on your hands.
  • Keep a sophisticated charm and appeal to whatever you choose. You can go a long way with light colored jewelries or even gold and silver plated ones. But vibrant colored ones with multi-hued stones and other quirky designs go along well only with particular dresses.
With these points in mind, you are good to set some trend and leave a spark behind in the upcoming party. Visit to bag some of the most outstanding party jewelries of all time.

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